Farmer Parr

History of Farmer Parrs

The Parr family has been farming for generations. Family roots can be traced back to Inskip and Hornby; with James Parr (senior) and Margaret Parr moving to Fleetwood, to farm Fleetwood Farm in 1951. They initially found the change from rural to urban to be a challenging one.

The picture on the left is of Farmer James Parr (senior), when he was here farming over 50 years ago.

The Parr family have seen lots of change over the years. Changes in industry, employment, housing and schooling. With many of Fleetwood’s houses and schools being built on land they used to farm. The timeline and photographs below show some of the important events the Parrs experienced, and why they decided to diversify and open a petting farm.

Farmer Parrs Animal World farm park was started by the whole family: James Parr (senior), Margaret Parr, James Parr, George Parr and Deborah Parr. The children’s farm park has been open for 20 years now and has grown year on year. It started off as just a small open farm offering a great value North West day out. Then the Fylde Coast Country / Rural Life Farm Museum arrived, followed by The Pottery Studio and also the Barbara Jackson Dance & Theatre School.