Lizzy has joined our herd!

Have ewe herd our fab-ewe-lous news?
Having thought about getting a Shire Horse for a while, we finally have one.
She is called Lizzy and she arrived on Sunday.
Lizzy is 14 years old and stands at over 18 hands tall.
A hand is 4 inches so that makes her over 6 feet at the withers (the ridge between the shoulders).
We have ‘weigh-taped’ her and she weighs in at over 600kgs.
This week she will be settling in, as it has been a big move for her.
She has got to get used to 4 new horses, a new stable, a new field and new people.
So far she seems very people orientated and loves human company.
We have been keeping a very close eye on her – we’re calling it ‘Bay Watch’ as she is bay in colour.
She is now going out into the field with the other horses. So far there has not been a huge amount of interaction, as Lizzy seems more interested in all her new human friends. Today she is happily grazing away, which is lovely to see.
There is so much equipment in our museum from the days when most heavy farm work would have involved ‘horse’ power, it is lovely to actually have an example of a heavy horse here on the farm.
The population of heavy horses has declined dramatically over the last century
There were a million shire horses 100 years ago, in the UK alone, at the beginning of the First World War. Now, there are fewer than 1,500 worldwide.
We are hoping that when Lizzy has settled in, our visitors will be able to meet her and have their photos taken with her.
So, as you can imagine, we are delighted to have her join our herd.
It’s quite literally a BIG week on the farm.

Record number of baby bunnies!

We have a bumper crop of baby bunnies at the moment.
FIVE litters – which we think is a farm record.
Hop on over to say hello.

Elsa loves a cuddle

This year’s baby alpaca (cria) has done really well with Mum Audrey and Auntie Eva (the llama) taking care of her. Farmer Rhi started off carrying her in from the field when she was very young. She now follows behind her ‘family’ quite happily. She has been very popular with our visitors over the summer holidays. She is still nearly as cute as when she was first born – so it’s still worth a trip to say hello.

Fawn born at Farmer Parrs

2 fawns doing well !

Our 2 b-ewe-tiful fawns are doing fab-ewe-lously well! The older one (in the photo) is now coming quite close, and the younger of the two, is catching up rapidly. We are hoping they will become very tame in time.

Our Cria is born

How eggs-iting! We have welcomed the birth of a Cria (cute baby alpaca) this week! She was named via a Facebook competition and has been called Elsa.