Autism Friendly Weekend

To celebrate ‘World Autism Awareness Day’, on 2nd April, Farmer Parr’s is going ‘Autism Friendly’ ALL weekend (1st & 2nd April).

The farm will still have an action packed timetable for everyone to enjoy and of course will remain open as usual to all visitors.

However, if you have someone in the family with autism you might like to join us for some farmer-tastic fun!

The timetable will be slightly altered to cut down on queues.

There will be no loud speaker announcements and the animal show will be quieter.

We believe that these small changes will help our autistic visitors enjoy a more relaxing visit.

The entry price will remain the same and we are hoping to ensure everyone gets plenty of hands-on time with our lovely animals.

Some of our customers mentioned that this is what they would like, so we are giving it a go!

You will be given a timetable on arrival, please keep hold of it, as we will not be using the Tannoy over the weekend.

10.30–11.30 Pony Grooming + Pony Rides + Milking Time

(All running for the full hour – no need to queue)

11.30 – Lamb Feeding & Farm Tour (Large Animal Barn)

1.00 – Meet the Animals – (Quiet) Autism Friendly

1.30–2.30 Pony Rides (Sand Paddock) + Pony Grooming

(Both running for the full hour – no need to queue)

2.30 Animal Show & Lamb Feeding (Show Barn)

3.30 MOO’vellous Milking Time (Show Barn)

4.00 Feed the Animals (Large Animal Barn)


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